Jameela Black - Crinkled Chiffon

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"Jameela Black" presents some beautiful large florals and buds with light calligraphy across a rich black background, for a radiant outfit. 

This Print features the words: Brilliant (مشرقة) - Beautiful (جميلة) - Pretty (حسناء) - Stylish (أنيقة) – Attractive (جذابة) - Astonishing (مذهلة) 

Rayhana collection features hijab prints based on Arabic Calligraphy intertwined with some flowers and leaves, in words that describe the Muslim Woman.

Hijab Features: 

  • Instant & Easy to wear
  • Wudu-Friendly
  • Exclusive prints and light-weight crinkled chiffon fabric
  • Lined with 100% cotton voile for breathability
  • Finished with a gold-plated metal tag