Stay Confident With Bokitta


Understand Why You Are Wearing Hijab

Grab a pen and paper, write down all the reasons you wear your hijab. Reflect on each reason for 5 minutes. Once you fully understand why you wear hijab, you can remind yourself often of that reason so that you can stay grounded in your choice.

Own Your Own Style

Clothing is an outward expression of who we are on the inside. It is a creative outlet. We are a walking canvas and your hijab is a big part of that Whatever style you are drawn to, go for it! Allow your hijab to be a part of that. Vintage, Feminine, Casual, Formal, Hipster, Boho, Street, Artsy? With Bokitta, you can easy own that style.


Surround Yourself with People Who Empower You

"Find your tribe and love them hard". Surround yourself with other women who understand your struggle. Surround yourself with women who will uplift you and love themselves in all the shades of their hijab. Surround yourself with people who love you, care about you, and will gently fix that crown when it slips without anyone else noticing. Meet one such family; the Bokitta family on instagram who are a one knit group of loving, hijab embracing individuals.

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